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Consultec celebrating 40 years



When Consultec started out 40 years ago, computers were not as compact as today. We started in 1974 as a spin-off from a construction company in Skellefteå, initially working as an architectural and design office. A strong driving force within the company to facilitate both for the customers and the own business has resulted in software and services of high quality. The ability to put customers and their needs at the center, while at the same time have competence within the company to monitor the needs of the market, has been success factors that has led to Consultec’s position as the leading supplier of software for the construction industry.


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Neuer Termin 2020 für Holz-Handwerk

Angesichts der zunehmenden Verbreitung des Coronavirus (COVID-19) und unter Berücksichtigung der vom Krisenstab der Bundesregierung beschlossenen Prinzipien zur Risikobewertung von Großveranstaltungen sowie der aktuellen Empfehlung des Bayerischen Staatsregierung für internationale […]