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Accurate Stairs & Railings Div Of Randell Carpentry Inc., ON, Canada

“A great selling point for me is being able to show, in 3D, the client what they’re getting. When they read a quote it can be hard for them to visualize the stair. I use Staircon on virtual meetings with the client to recreate, as close as possible, the stair we discussed, and can show them different posts or different styles. Being able to do that in their stair setting with just a click is quick, it’s interactive and it’s helpful for virtual. It’s great to be honest”, says Alexandra Randall, Sales & Marketing at Accurate Stairs and Railings.

“The transfer of knowledge is of the utmost importance, and we can have it put into a database, that somebody can learn to use, avoiding wasting time to just transfer that information from person to person. I think it’s key to the longevity of our company for sure. We do mostly custom homes and we do have some builder type clientele that do building projects having site development of a couple of 100 homes and doing 30 to 40 a year of the same models, so a decent buildup of database models and just continuing building on that, save us precious time. We also provide them with a 3D model, to help them get a visual of what they’re building.

A 3D picture is worth 1000 words. Besides that, most things now are online. So, for the sales team having virtual meetings with clients and sending them their images for approval and then to review it, saves us time as well. It’s actually pretty cool to be able to make an exact representation of what the client’s house looks like, so they can say, OK, if I’m in my living room or my dining room, I look across, this is what I’m doing. It definitely helps. Another advantage by using Staircon is that I do see the savings of materials and eliminating waste for sure, it’s more precise than my old way of doing it.”, says Brent Randall, Owner at Accurate Stairs and Railings., Ottawa, ON Canada.

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