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D&L Barks Stairs Inc

“The biggest benefits of Staircon are fast design, fast revisions and repeatability. I am able to create working drawings in about 30 minutes and revisions are usually done in about 20 minutes.

Once the customer approves the design, I am able to print accurate cutting lists for all stair and railing parts. Some parts are machined on the CNC and others are machined on table saw, cut of saw and shapers. Once Staircon is properly programmed to my individual way of machining parts, an accurate cut list is produced automatically. And in the case of CNC files (NC Code) these files are created to machine individual components as well.

We really like the ability to send 3D drawings to our customers that they can spin 360 degrees. For the small builders we mostly deal with, it is much easier for them to show and explain to their customers what it is we’re proposing making, and what changes they might want us to make. We can quickly make revisions to the design allowing us to spend more time manufacturing and less time in the office.

The support we’ve received from Elecosoft has been very helpful, being able to send an e-mail about an issue and then having a response back quickly on it, is very important to us as we often have time sensitive jobs. Being shown how to solve issues over remote computing while speaking with their tech support, has helped us to identify and problem solve ourselves if the issue arises again, as well given us the chance to ask questions about how we might do something using Staircon for an upcoming job”, says David Barks, Owner at D&L Barks Stairs Inc.

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