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First CNC machine for Qualitrap

Qualitrap is a stair builder with more than 34 years of experience. At the beginning of this year, the company invested in their very first CNC machine, fully controlled by Staircon.

“I had been following Staircon for a while,” says Marc Schollaert, manager of Qualitrap, with a smile. “I had already heard a lot of good things from other fellow stair makers about the user-friendliness of the software.”

“During a visit to the Prowood trade fair in Ghent, I received a nice demo of the software and was completely convinced.”

“In 1999 I bought a semi-automatic stair milling machine with accompanying drawing program and printer with continuous paper,” says Marc enthusiastically. “That was a big step forward for that time. Printing a quarter turn staircase quickly took four hours and the software had its limitations. After printing, I had to cut out all the parts and puzzle them together and then mill them on the semi-automatic machine.”

“Today everything is automated, of course, but the investments are also higher. The idea of ​​purchasing a CNC machine had been in my head for a while, but I first wanted to invest in a solid software to design stairs and only then manage the production fully automatically. Staircon is made up of different modules. That gave me the opportunity to first start with Staircon CAD with which I can design all types of stairs and then print them in actual size for production.”

“This year I got an opportunity to buy a CNC machine and I didn’t hesitate! There is of course a lot to consider when installing a CNC machine. It is not that they put the machine down and connect the power, after which you can get started right away. The entire factory had to be adjusted, such as dust extraction, electricity, laser projector above the machine, etc.… Also training on how to operate the machine is certainly very useful.”

“So a lot is coming your way, but luckily I had already mastered the design part of the software completely. Only the control of the machine had to be done with Staircon CAM. I have to say that this went very smoothly. After three days of installation I was able produce stairs.”

“Now that our two sons are entering the staircase construction industry, each in their own way, we are fully equipped for the future with the purchase of the CNC machine and the software from Staircon. We are ambitious and manufacturing quality stairs has been our great passion since 1986. Investments like this not only allow us to increase it, but also significantly improve our service and the range of stairs we offer.”

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