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Haldane, United Kingdom

Haldane has built a stellar reputation for quality in delivering timber handrails for high-end staircases and balustrades.


In recent years, it has experienced a surge in demand for bespoke staircases, in addition to the elements such as custom handrails and newel posts that it has traditionally produced.

Paul Ramage is Senior Production Manager and heads up Haldane’s fastgrowing staircase business, designing and driving production of high-end and bespoke solutions for the most exacting of clients. The company uses Staircon software for stair design and production.
Haldane has been working to lean manufacturing principles for many years and is focused on creating a highly efficient and effective production process. Its staircase projects are no exception.

About the company
Haldane is a specialist UK manufacturer of timber handrails and staircases for both construction and private clients. In a traditional industry, it has forged a modern path, investing significantly in digital technology to help it grow and expand by delivering unrivalled quality and accuracy. It chose Staircon from Elecosoft to help it create powerful 3D designs for staircases that go far beyond the boring, straight, pillar-to-post staircase of old.

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