HollandStairs B.V. automates with Staircon

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HollandStairs B.V. automates their factory with Staircon

In 1979 Doornebal B.V. started trading with the focus mainly on the production of frames and doors. Somewhere, in a small corner of the factory hall, a staircase was made every now and then.

Innovation and development were the ambitions from the start. Doornenbal’s carpentry department expanded and the small corner where stairs were made was also bursting at the seams. HollandStairs B.V. was born.

Today, more than 40 years later, HollandStairs B.V. a well-known producer of classic, modern and exclusive stairs for both new construction and renovation. In 2020 HollandStairs made the choice to automate the staircase factory with Staircon, an Elecosoft software.

“It was a logical step in our ambition to keep innovating,” explains Theo Wenting, manager at HollandStairs. “We started looking for a long-term partner. I myself have more than 35 years of experience in the staircase industry and have seen a lot in my career.”

“Choosing a supplier who wants to contribute to your future plans was very important to us. We also plan to invest in, among other things, an ERP system and planning software. With Staircon we can link all these applications so that we ultimately get a nice whole. The user-friendliness of the software is also a big plus. Our draughtsman’s and production employees had already mastered the design part of the software after a few days.”

“We are an enthusiastically positive team, but we were a bit concerned about the implementation of the CAM software on our CNC machines. There is always a risk of disrupting production. We have to maintain our weekly capacity, otherwise we will have problems with the delivery of our stairs.”

“It was an unnecessary concern. I now look back with satisfaction at the way Staircon has handled this project. After one week we could already produce stairs on our machines.”

“Their customer support is always available when we have questions or when we want to make a change to our production process. That is certainly a plus that should not be underestimated, states Theo”

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