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Kraemer Kitchen & Bath Leverages Staircon for Enhanced Stairway Design and Production

Kraemer Kitchen & Bath, a family-owned business since 1965, has expanded its expertise to include stairway design and production, thanks to the integration of Staircon software. This shift has revolutionized their workflow, enabling them to deliver precise and efficient stairway solutions.


Shayne Martin, who handles stairway design at Kraemer, emphasizes the software’s impact: “I use Staircon quite a bit. It’s working really well. Once you have your stairway ready for production, it’s pretty easy to generate your CNC programs, and it just makes it all quick and easy.” This streamlined process has made it significantly easier to handle modifications and ensure accuracy, reducing the time and effort previously required.

The versatility of Staircon extends to its ability to create detailed visualizations, aiding both the design team and contractors. Shayne notes, “I usually create the Sketchfab link and then just share that with them. It gives them a good visual of how it’s going to look and helps the contractor for their side of it as well for framing and walls and stuff.” This clarity ensures that everyone involved has a precise understanding of the project, minimizing errors and facilitating smoother execution.

General Manager Cornelius Wiebe recalls the challenges they faced before adopting Staircon, citing the difficulty of making changes with their previous software. “We decided to get Staircon because we were using another drawing software to draw stairways, and every time there was one change, it would take a lot of time to make the change and get it shop floor ready,” he explains. The switch to Staircon has drastically improved their efficiency and capability to meet building codes.

A standout example of Staircon’s utility was their first project involving a winder stairway, a complex design challenge. Wiebe recounts, “Without a stairway software, we wouldn’t have been able to do that, not that quickly, anyway.” The ability to visualize and adjust designs in real-time was crucial in meeting both aesthetic and structural requirements.

Kraemer Kitchen & Bath’s investment in Staircon has not only optimized their stairway production but also enhanced their overall service offering. As Randy Kraemer reflects on the transition, “With the Staircon software, these changes don’t take much time, so it’s a huge savings right there.” The advanced capabilities of Staircon have allowed them to deliver high-quality stairways efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction and solidifying their reputation in the industry.

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