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Showing 3D renders in Staircon is an invaluable option

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Helping clients visualize the finished product can be a crucial key to success. For the stair and balustrade experts at On The Way Up Pty Ltd, software from Staircon was the solution. The company’s Director Matthew Pocock explains:

“Often clients cannot visualise the finished product when looking at plans from a bird’s eye perspective. The 3D render in Staircon enables us to show our clients what the stairs, balustrade and screens will look like when complete.”

Since being founded back in 2006, Queensland-based On The Way Up has achieved steady growth over the years. The company manufactures and installs high-end custom stairs, balustrade, screens, and barn doors. Their clients range from custom builders to individuals who are looking for beautifully finished products that are a statement piece for their homes and businesses.

“Software was needed at an early stage to streamline manufacturing with the influx of orders we were receiving. We chose Staircon because it is the best software on the market for our needs. It has features that have enabled us to enhance our customer service and streamline our business practices,” says Matthew Pocock.

Working hand in hand with clients

On The Way Up has had major growth over the last four years in particular. They began using Staircon in 2020 and Matthew Pocock believes that choice was an important step for the company’s development:

“The implementation of Staircon into our business practices has assisted us to achieve that growth seamlessly. We can show our clients 3D renders for each option under consideration and implement design changes during consultations. This is an invaluable feature for us. It allows us to work hand in hand with our clients in real time at the design stage to achieve their vision for the stairs and balustrade in their home or commercial premises.”

Staircon is flexible, responsive and intuitive

Staircon is developed and delivered by Elecosoft and On The Way Up has been extremely satisfied with the customer service provided both before and after the implementation.

“The training provided by Elecosoft was hands on and practical, meaning that our new staff members could step into their role quickly and with confidence. Overall, Elecosoft has been a pleasure to deal with and their technical support is excellent and incredibly responsive”, says Matthew Pocock.

He is convinced that the software solution will be of great importance for his company’s future development:

“We are incredibly happy with Staircon and how it works for us. It is flexible, responsive, and intuitive and will absolutely be able to keep up with changing trends and manufacturing methods. The options in-built into the program are extensive and can be updated by users. This ensures that the program can keep up with trends in architecture and interior design.”


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