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Staircon – also for non-traditional stair manufacturers

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JM Parket is a family business with more than 20 years of experience. From the garage, the company grew into an established value in the Kempen (Belgium) for parquet, parquet floors and the cladding of concrete stairs.

Current manager Mr. Michel Michielsen has been involved in the business since childhood.

“When I was still in high school, I helped my father in the business during the school holidays,” says Michel. “That’s how I eventually took over the business after my studies. My father, who is now 72 years old, still regularly cooperates and that is very pleasant.”

In the beginning they only did parquet and parquet floors, but more and more often the customer asked to cover their concrete stairs as well. Usually these were simple straight stair stairways, but in recent years this has evolved to all kinds of stair types.

“Because of that complexity, I started looking for a software package to draw my stairs,” Michel says. “That’s how I found Staircon”.

“I only bought the drawing package, since we did not have a CNC machine yet. This allows me to plot my parts in full size by default. This greatly simplifies my work. By drawing the stairs with Staircon, we can now fully customize them in the studio, which was not possible before. This saves us a lot of time and because of the accuracy of the drawing program we are confident that the stairs will fit perfectly. Our customers are very satisfied with the fact that we can clad their concrete stairs with the same material and finish as their parquet floor”.

When we asked Michel about their return on investment in the software, his answer was clear:

“Of course you always think before you make an investment, but with the time savings that Staircon gives us, we get it out again in a very short time, and that’s what counts!”


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