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Staircon – great opportunities for small businesses as well

Danish stair manufacturer Bonus Trapper is an excellent example of how even smaller businesses can benefit from the software Staircon to create success for themselves and their customers.


– Staircon is perfect for us! We can design stairs and joinery without limitations and can easily export accurate production documents. The software also plays an important role in the work of guiding customers correctly in their choices, says Bjarne Vangsgård, who is one of the founders of Bonus Trapper.

With approximately ten employees and operations spanning the whole of Denmark, Bonus Trapper has established itself as a reliable player in the market for stair construction and manufacturing. The use of the software has not only simplified their work process but also strengthened their ability to meet the needs of the customers in the best way.

With Staircon Professional and the Export DXF module, they can quickly and accurately create detailed 3D models and production documents, which eliminates the need to work with full-scale templates when placing external orders with, for example, glass manufacturers/glaiziers.


Visualization in 3D increases customer satisfaction

Bjarne Vangsgård, who has many years of experience in the industry, emphasizes Staircon is an important piece of the puzzle in their work process.

– One of the main advantages of Staircon is the detailed 3D visualization. Through it, we can show the customer exactly how the finished staircase will look, which reduces the risk of misunderstandings. The visualization facilitates communication considerably and we can make quick adjustments based on the customer’s wishes, says Bjarne.

When the final 3D model is approved by the customer, the production of the stairs continues in Bonus Trapper’s own factory. Although Bonus Trapper puts a lot of energy into ensuring the customer’s wishes and agreements, and Bjarne emphasizes that Staircon is an important part throughout the process.

– Staircon suits our smal company very well, both in terms of the design and production possibilities it offers, but also because a large server is not required in order to use the program. The program itself is quite easy to learn and once you get into it, everything flows. But of course, a genuine knowledge of the properties and geometry of stairs is required in order to carry out the work in the best possible way, he adds.

A reliable partner with focus on customer support and solutions

Bjarne also says that he has great confidence in the supplier Elecosoft both in terms of service and the company’s development of Staircon.

– They really take care of us as a customer, and we feel secure that they will resolve the situation if we come across questions or problems. The fact that they also are far ahead in their development and adds new adaptations to the program, for example when it comes to using glass and other materials in the stairs, is something that we appreciate, concludes Bjarne.

With Staircon as an integral part of its business and with a focus on customer satisfaction and quality in production, Bonus Trapper continues to be a reliable partner for both construction companies and private individuals in Denmark.


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