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Staircon software gives Bolton Railings amazing flexibility

Customer Staircom

“Some of the key factors, that led to our purchase of Staircon are the level of technical support, it’s very, very high. It got a very user-friendly interface and fast design capabilities. At the same time flexible enough to allow the most advanced stair design that you can imagine.”

“We switched to Staircon because Staircon allows us to design stairs faster and easier and is more advanced in our design and production capabilities. The main benefits for us today for using Staircon, is that it’s very similar to an open-ended software, in design or code that it generates. It does give you the best or optimal solution that it can find for you, but you can interact with it and change what you want. So, that’s given us amazing flexibility which we need today.

The build in features in the software allows us to make sure that we have the comfort of designing within building code. Staircon has done an excellent job of supporting us in the training and after training to guide us through from A to Z.”

Danny Tomada, Manager at Bolton Railings Inc., Bolton, ON, Canada

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