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Stylecraft Stairways: Streamlined processes with Staircon

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Wellington-based Stylecraft Stairways stands out as an industry leading stair and handrail supplier, delivering high-quality stair solutions nationwide across New Zeeland.

“We take immense pride in consistently surpassing the expectations of our esteemed customers. The utilization of the software Staircon in 2018 has played a significant role in simplifying and streamlining our operations”, says the company’s owner and Managing Director Michael Turley.

Michael Turley established Stylecraft Stairways in 1992 as a staircase and kitchen joiner, but as time progressed, the sole focus shifted to stairs after realizing that few others specialized in this intricate product.

“Over the years, hundreds of builders and developers in Wellington and New Zealand have placed their trust in us, forging longstanding partnerships based on the confidence they have in our service and superior quality”, he says.

Reducing production lead times with Staircon

With an extensive career in the construction industry, Michael has trained his team to become experts in their craft. Consequently, the company is capable of delivering a diverse range of stair solutions, whether it be stairs for terraced homes and apartments or architectural steel and high-end solid timber stairs for high-end residences across New Zealand. In the manufacturing process, they have seamlessly integrated Staircon with their CNC machines, enabling a smooth and efficient transfer of design data for production.

“This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry or interpretation, minimizing errors and ensuring that the final product matches the intended design perfectly. By investing in additional CNC machines and configuring them to Staircon, we have been able to streamline our manufacturing process, reduce production lead times and maintain the highest level of quality in our stair products”, says Michael Turley.

Increased efficiency and accuracy

In conjunction with the advancements achieved in automation and manufacturing processes, the integration of Staircon software has played a crucial role in streamlining the operations at Stylecraft Stairways. Michael explains:

“By incorporating Staircon into our workflow, we have experienced increased efficiency and accuracy in our stair design. It automates various aspects of the design process, ensuring consistency and precision in every project.”

He also appreciates the collaboration with Elecosoft and the way the support is carried out, describing the whole experience as extremely positive for Stylecraft Stairways:

“They have consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and have proven to be a valuable partner. Elecosoft has provided excellent support for Staircon, ensuring that our team receives prompt assistance whenever needed. Their responsiveness is commendable, as they swiftly address any queries or technical issues we encounter. In addition to their timely support, Elecosoft goes the extra mile by providing helpful instructional videos that assist us in resolving technical questions and challenges efficiently,” Michael concludes.



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