The combination of craftsmanship and technology thrives at Capital Stairs | Staircon

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The combination of craftsmanship and technology thrives at Capital Stairs

In the competitive world of stair manufacturing, Guillaume Blanchette’s journey from craftsman to industry leader is an inspiring tale of determination and adaptation..


Blanchette’s company, Capital Stairs, embodies his relentless pursuit of excellence. Faced with the limitations of traditional methods, he sought out new technologies to propel his craft forward. His encounter with CNC technology marked a significant turning point, but it was the discovery of the software Staircon that truly revolutionized his approach.

Reflecting on his journey, Blanchette remembers his reaction to the demo of the software, “Staircon clicked for us…that’s the one software I gotta go with.” This statement encapsulates the pivotal role Staircon played in streamlining operations and enhancing client satisfaction.

Blanchette’s story is not just one of personal success, but also a testament to the symbiotic relationship between craftsmanship and technology. It also shows the power of adaptation in an ever-evolving market. Through his dedication to innovation and a commitment to quality, he has reshaped the landscape of his stair manufacturing, setting a new standard for precision.

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