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Timber Staircase Specialists Elevate their Business with Staircon

In the bustling world of construction, where every project presents a new challenge, Timber Staircase Specialists are committed to crafting bespoke staircases. Yet, this dedication to uniqueness also poses a challenge. With no two jobs alike, creating detailed quotes and helping clients envision the final product can be a cumbersome task. Recognizing the need for a solution, they embarked on a journey to find a tool that could streamline their processes and elevate their services.


Discovering the Perfect Fit – Staircon

After extensive research, Timber Staircase Specialists found their solution in Staircon. The software offered the precise features they needed to revolutionize their workflow. With Staircon, they could create visual aids that showcased their designs, helping clients to visualize the end result and ultimately place an order.

“Finding Staircon, it looked like exactly what we needed. And the availability to local support was also a crucial factor in our decision-making process”, says Marina Walters, Manager, Timber Stair Specialists.

Implementing Staircon didn’t just streamline Timber Staircase Specialists’ workflow; it transformed their business. The software enabled them to secure large quotes efficiently, saving both time and money. By providing clients with clear visual representations of their designs, they increased their competitiveness in the market. And Marina says that: “Using Staircon has definitely helped us secure some large quotes”.

Staircon has become an indispensable asset to their business, with the high-end support being pivotal to their success. “The local support we received from Staircon has been invaluable. They’ve been with us every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and helping us maximize the benefits of the software. Without Sarah’s help, our go-to person at Staircon, I would be lost”, states Marina.

About Timber Staircase Specialists

With 32 years of industry experience, Timber Staircase Specialists, under the ownership of Ben for the past two years, have established themselves as a leading provider of custom staircases. Based in Queensland, they serve clients from Brisbane to Cairns and beyond. Their primary customers are builders and building companies, although they also cater to owner/renovators. With a dedicated team of four staff members, they manufacture an average of three sets of stairs per week, with the majority of their jobs being freighted north of Bundaberg.


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