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Twice as efficient production at Trappen Lepoudre

Trappen Lepoudre is a real family business and is now in its fifth generation. In the year 2015-2016, Niek Lepoudre succeeded his father Erik and came to be at the helm of a then still traditional staircase maker. Niek graduated as an industrial engineer in electromechanics and had little prior knowledge of woodworking. With hard work and a lot of perseverance, Niek managed to fully automate the company in five years with modern technology.

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“When I took over the business, I immediately bought Staircon software as a drawing package,” says Niek. “Back then, we were still making stairs in the traditional way. That meant that the complete plan view of the stairs was drawn on a wooden plate and then manufactured manually. Relatively few machines were used at the time,” Niek says with a laugh.

With the vision of further expansion and modernization, the company soon moved to another location. “We started with a clear plan,” says Niek. “First we standardized the entire production process. We added all our stair models in to the Staircon database. All stair parts were given fixed thicknesses and/or dimensions. That way, the production drawings from Staircon were read more smoothly in the production phase, which resulted in better work efficiency. To further meet the demand, we purchased a CNC machine in 2021. There is a lot to consider when purchasing a CNC machine, but since we already were designing stairs in Staircon, that part was already in place. So, we only needed training on how to manage and work the CNC machine. The implementation of the machine went very smoothly. The service and support I received from both the machine supplier and Elecosoft’s Staircon team was excellent!”

“We have been working with the machine for almost a year now and our production has almost doubled. Because we also want to focus on the exclusive market segment, we have recently started producing curved and arc pieces on the machine.”

When we ask Niek if he would do certain things differently if he had to start over, he answered determinedly that he would do the exact same thing! “I recommend Staircon’s software with a CNC machine to all stair manufacturers, says Niek. I really could not live without it!”

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