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Staircon teams up with Wagemeyer Software GmbH Staircon teams up with Wagemeyer Software GmbH, a collaboration that will provide unique opportunities for current and future users. Our combined experience and expertise will be of great benefit in product development and customer service.

History shows what we can achieve alone. Imagine what we can do together.

Tomas Sundström and Anton Wagemeyer

Tomas Sundström: “Consultec System has for many years developed Staircon to reach the position we have today; the software that more and more stair manufacturers in several countries choose to work with. It is with joy we welcome Mr. Wagemeyer and his team to cooperate with the Staircon team. With our combined experience and expertise, we have very good conditions for future product development and customer service. It will be of great benefit to both existing and new customers.”

Anton Wagemeyer: “For years, Wagemeyers priority in developing staircase-software was to create software that can easily be used by any craftsman. With Staircon I have found the ideal partner for our future business. It is our vision to share our know-how and thus exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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