Customise your CAD/CAM software for stairs with Staircon add-on modules.

Add-on modules

Export 3D

Staircon add-on - Export 3D screenprint on laptop

3D Export example

Let your customer see the staircase they envision, send them the 3D file.

The exported 3D file can be sent to the customer for viewing, which is an alternative superior to showing the stair with still images. This has been a much appreciated sales tool for Staircon users. Staircon 3D export comes with options for two different formats.
COLLADA; (open standard format) is rich in detail. The end-customer can view the COLLADA 3D in applications that supports *.dae. There are several free options, also on the mobile platforms iOS and Android. The format is also importable in several rendering software and some 3D CAD packages, for example SketchUp and AutoCAD via a converter.
IFC2x3; is an open file format that is used to carry information between different CAD software. It’s the international standard for exchanging BIM data.
O2c; is viewed with the o2c player (free).

View Collada sketchfab

Edit database

Staircon add-on - Edit database example

Edit database example

Customised software.

The power of software can only be experienced if it is tailored to your own needs and methods. With this add-on module the database can be accessed and edited continuously by the user. Some examples of data:
The stair model; In order for the design of the common staircases to be quick, a model is applied to the stair. The model has predefined settings for the construction and production methods, for example step distribution, type of posts and balusters, thickness of strings and steps etc. All of this can of course be adjusted individually in each project to meet specific customer requests. Stair parts; posts, balusters, strings etc. with 3D description files optional
Material and finish: Textures for walls, doors, floor etc
Profile and nosings (Profile ID); which carries information to Staircon CAM about how the machining shall be made.


Staircon add-on - Pricing example

Pricing example

Calculate price of the stair with the push of a button.

The price is set for the stair details and can be configured to relate to material, detail type/model etc. The price is separated into two; one for the stair detail and one for applying finish to it.
Example of stair parts and the price unit:

  • Stair (base price including strings) (price/rise)
  • Steps (price/ea.)
  • Riser (price/ea. or m2)
  • Safety riser (price/ea. or m)
  • Posts (price/ea.)
  • Balusters (price/ea.)
  • Bottom rail (price/m)
  • Handrails (price/m)
  • Landing (price/m2)
  • Extra details (price/ea.)

Pricing is offered with the add-on module Edit database to allow access to the Staircon database. Download example PDF



DXF for CAM example

For manufacturers who already have a CAM software for 3-axis machining in place, DXF for CAM provides an efficient link to Staircon Professional.

The module offers a customized setup of DXF layers used to automate processing of the DXF files into machine-specific CNC code.
Examples of customisation:

  • Customized configuration for each part type.
  • Drillings and pockets grouped to layers via dynamic naming.
  • Additional layers to aid finishing visible segments of the part contour.
  • Duplicated feature layers for repeated machinings.
  • Pocket geometry including nosing profile.
  • Possible to extend one pocket into another and beyond contour/edge to remove radiuses.
  • Contionous toolpath for tread and riser pockets.
  • Starting point and direction.

View example movie DXF for CAM link to AlphaCAM

Export 2D

Staircon add-on - Export 2D screenprint of glass example on laptop

2D glass example

Export plan view, side view and/or production details to DXF files.

Production details can be exported as separate files and/or separate layers for later processing in external CAM system. Another common use for exporting DXF is if a stair detail is made by an external manufacturer, for example glass boards.

String layers (DXF-file)
Treads layers (DXF-file)


Easily transfer data between your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Staircon CAD.

Staircon provides standardised formats for import and export. Integration between the ERP system and Staircon CAD is made simple by using an IMP file (text file) for import and XML file for export. The configuration of data selection and processing is made within your ERP system.

Fixture positioning

Automatic positioning of beams and pods to hold the pieces on the work table.

Output as laser file, led or motorised positioning of beams/pods. Functionality may vary due to machine limitations.

View example movie

Step split

For machines that can split steps or popup fixtures.

Functionality may vary due to machine limitations.

View example movie

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