Design and production of staircases- Staircon Limited

Staircon Limited for design and production of basic stairs

Quick and easy simple designs

Your construction is made easy with predefined stair shapes and a customized design model database.

Work preparation at the push of a button

Stair details are processed into production data with material optimization, and/or printed to a plotter as full-size drawings. Scaled production drawings and/or bill of materials for material preparation or as a checklist on the shop floor can also be generated. The plan view can be printed at 1:1 scale.

In combination with add-on modules Export DXF or DXF for CAM, Staircon Limited can be used by CNC manufacturers with external CAM software.


When you need more features

If your needs increase, you can easily upgrade to Staircon Professional to maximize the benefits of the software. Below we list some of the features included when upgrading to Staircon Professional. 

  • Guide with predefined shapes Spiral or S-shaped stairs 
  • Arc strings/handrails/floor openings 
  • Curved front edge for treads/steps 
  • Round posts 
  • Stairs with angled risers (Z-risers) 
  • No limitations on modifying shape of stairs and floor openings 
  • Share projects (for example with Staircon Sales)

Click here to read about Staircon Professional.

Staircon Professional plotter


Software overview

Staircon bolzen stair example

Design and 3D

Bolzen stair (no strings), antislip on step and glass balustrade with clamps.

Staircon top view

Design and 3D

Top view where shape of stair, floor balustrade, walls and opening can be edited. The result is instantly displayed in 3D.


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